Pavlov’s Dogs

We always talk about the dogs and unringing the bell. Good story that now has me wondering how long it takes to unwind the bell response.

My son’s UPS driver would deliver to the house about twice a week. He would leave a dog treat with the packages. The dog came to expect it and would get very excited to see the UPS truck. This went on for about a year. Back in July, the driver retired and new driver does not leave a treat. Today I noticed that the dog is still excited to see the UPS truck. I went to get the package and she looks all around the package and up and down the street still looking for her treat.

This got me thinking about unringing the bell and I must admit, I was a bit sad and discouraged about it. It’s been 4 months. How long is it going to take? We’ve been ringing our bell much longer than a year.