Paying Bills

My partner and I share expenses. I have some bills and he has some. He waits a long time after receiving his bills to pay them. They will pile up on the counter unattended. We’ve even had the water and the cable cut off at one point. I now took over those utilities. I’ve offered to set them up on the computer and send them in or even physically write the checks out of his account. He says he’ll get to them. I’m writing for advice because I just came home and found the bill from the lawn service on the door had changed from green to red with a large amount due.

He is a VP of a large company. He handles finances all day long. He never has less than 6 figures sitting in his checking account.

I’ve been thinking of paying them and then he can pay me. Is this a good way to go? I know I can not control his behavior but his ignoring household expenses can have an effect on me. Particularly when it’s maintenance or work that I’ve arranged and they have my contact information.

I asked him last night why he thinks he procrastinates on his bill paying. He said he thinks its from his memory of being college poor and struggling to survive. (He’s been out of college and a high wage earner for many years)

I’m not angry with him. I think the emotion I feel is frustration.