Perfectionism vs Overdelivering

Just listened the money podcast and really connected with your discussion about overdelivering. During school and in my career I have always excelled and am very proud of it. However, I have also been called a perfectionist. The term perfectionist never resonated with me because in my head I was just trying to do good work. I have a lot of the traits of a perfectionist (fear of failure, risk-adverse, scared by a lot of things in life, procrastinator), but that word has such a negative connotation that I never liked thinking of myself that way. I’ve never had the word “perfect” in my head as a motivating term, more like exceptional, not mediocre, high-quality, and value-add. Are those the same as perfectionism? Is wanting to do exceptional, high-quality work the same thing as perfectionism? Going forward I want to avoid perfectionism but continue to overdeliver and provide oodles of value-add at work and all other areas of life too. What can I do to keep myself focused on value and avoid perfectionism? Thanks!