Permission for a Desire

Hi there!

I have been struggling to make a decision about my future. I am currently a teacher and I absolutely love my job and my school and my students. I love where I live and I love the people I am surrounded by because of my work. I also absolutely love the world of self-care, mental-health, and life coaching. I have been diving into this world very deeply this year and I have a huge desire to join it, get certified as a coach, and start working for a coaching business so that ultimately I can start my own business for teachers and students.

But I am having trouble giving myself permission to fully step into this new desire, because I am somehow stuck on the fact that I would be leaving so much good (at school) behind… that maybe I should just stay in this teaching environment where I am so happy, valued, loved, and inspired. I am afraid to fully step into the new desire to be a life coach because I am afraid it will take me away from the good I already have.

Becoming a Life Coach is my impossible goal for this new year. I have money to save and decisions to make. Will I keep teaching while I am doing certification? Should I move home with my parents so that I can really focus on the training and get a new job in the mental health field? The move would mean leaving my school, friends, city, state that I am living in now. It would be a lot of change. But it would mean being home with my family whom I haven’t lived around for ten years. It would mean stepping away from the teaching environment and moving toward the new field of study.

How do I give myself permission to step into this desire even with all those question marks still popping up? How do I step through each of them and decide what the best course of action is? I can tell my brain is trying to keep me safe and not try new things, and I can feel this resistance inside of me. But I do want to face it all and acknowledge it all and decide with eyes and heart wide open.

Thank you so much for your help! 🙂