Philosophical wondering: Are our "shoulds" innate?

Seems something in us cries out “there shouldn’t be….______” (cruelty to animals or children, drugs ruining people’s lives, etc. etc. etc.) It seems innate, not programmed. Seems a person raised in isolation would still cringe at seeing an animal mistreated or a little child being beat . So…if you take cultural programming away, what makes us feel the “shoulds”? So much of religion seems to be looking forward to a world where there is peace, no poverty, everyone following the 10 commandments, etc. What is it in mankind that makes us yearn for better and feel that conditions on this planet “should” or “should not” be as they are? Almost feels like we are hardwired to want better and the “shoulds” and “should nots” fuel so much service, effort to improve conditions here. Doesn’t the impetus for joining the Peace Corps or volunteering to help the homeless, victims of war etc. come from the feeling that reality “should not” be that way? Just trying to figure this out and would like your insight. If our “shoulds” are part of being human or perhaps God-given at birth, does fighting with them make sense?