Physical & Emotional Discomfort

I just have to share how emotional i am tonight. But in a good way. I have been obese for 27 years. I allowed it to ruin my marriage. I used food to buffer when my daughter was fighting for her life needing a lung transplant. I would have loved to have been more present with her than going numb with food. She survived, thank God! I am physically and emotionally so uncomfortable. Week 2 of no sugar and flour. My head is pounding, im anxious, im angry and i want to eat. But another emotion i wasnt expecting was gratitude and man oh man, its flowing through my soul. I have never ever stuck to a protocol long enough to feel this type of discomfort and the work its doing in me is empowering. I am grateful for the discomfort because without it i wouldnt be experiencing this change.

C- Physical & Emotional Discomfort
T – i can handle this. I am 100% capable of feeling it all! In fact, bring it! I can handle every single emotion that comes up no matter what it is!
F – courageous
A – staying focused and on protocol. Soothing self-care with zero buffering of any kind
R – gain confidence, lose weight

Brooke, thank you for all of this! I am so grateful to you! I pray that i can be half the life coach for someone as you are.