Picking me as my niche :)

Hi Brooke!

What do you think about picking yourself as your ideal client, and just making your niche a slightly broader version of yourself?

I want to serve French women in their mid-thirties, who live in a city, have 1-2 children under 10, are in a loving relationship, and have a successful work life, but are over-sensitive and over-analytical, and struggle daily with self-doubt (including not-great body image), comparing themselves to others, and at the same time feeling guilty that they’re not overjoyed with the perfect-on-paper life that they have. They are very self-aware and willing to work on themselves, but therapy has gotten them nowhere, and they understand the value of coaching as empowering and actionable.

I want to help them manage their mind so they get to see and appreciate, every single day, the gold they have in their hands, so they can live their lives with a light heart and a spring in their step.

The problem they would Google to solve is “I have everything why am I not happy”.

What do you think?
Thank you!