how to plan meals and daily intake of protein, veggies, fat and grain ?

Hello Brook! I am new to your stop overeating program, but not new at all to different attempts to stop overeating in last 20 years :-)) . I am 1,65 m (5,41 FT) tall and my weight is 99,3 kg (218,7 pounds). My weight goal is 69 kg (151,9 pound) – so I want to loose 66,7 pounds (30,3 kg). I am Insuline resistant, I have Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism. When I got medicines containing Metformine, I got severe hypoglycemia incidents ( ended in the hospital). Now, I am on the small dose of Glucophage, what has on me great effect of stop gaining weight. I also have too high ketone bodies in my blood – too much meat? Below is my raport of last week meals – could you be so kind and correct me, if something should be better done. I lost 2 pounds. ( wow!.. maybe it is water only ..) My window is from 9 am to 7 pm with 3 meals in it (I did try 2 , but for now it is too difficult because of hypoglycemia).
Below is my menu in last week:
8-9 am breakfast – 2 eggs, ghee, vegetables or meat 3 oz and salad and olive oil 1 Tbl spoon or vegetable soup
11 am coffee with milk or coconut milk with fruit if not served twice later
2 pm lunch – fried on coco oil (or boiled) meat or fish 7 oz , boiled, grilled vegetables or salad, fruit
7 pm supper – fried on coco oil sweet potato and fruit or soup (broth style) and fruit or meat 3 oz and soup no fruit or salad with 3 oz meat and 1 tbl spoon of oil or 5 oz of cottage cheese ( 2 oz yellow cheese ) with vegetables or salad with mayonaise or oil
This Saturday on my mother birtday party I planned to cheat – 1 glass of red dry wine ( this was ok) and 1 tbl spoon of cake ( it was 2 tbl spoons) – slight frustration…..wasn’t happy at all …maybe this is a beginning of desire management..
Excercise : this week I did 45 min swimming (2 times ) and 2 walkings 15 min each
1. is my menu – protocol from the last week ok? I did exclude all grains to get better result… is it ok?
2. what are the daily ( and for meal) allowed quantities for meat/fish, fruit, fat and carbohydrates? I know the list ( from the Stop Overeating workbook) , but I dont know what is allowed in one day. ( i.e 8 oz protein…etc)
2. is my coffee break ok ? I heard that coffee is raising insulin – maybe drink it with the meal? ( sometimes I do)
3. 2 litres of water daily is ok? and tea after each meal?
4. when I eat 2 eggs on one meal – I should not eat meat twice after that? how many times daily I could eat meat?
5. should I eat fruits only a. m. ?
6. what is the best style supper/dinner at 7 p.m?
7. how to make the weight loss more rapid ( I like very much your idea about it :-))
Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to your reply