Plan on it

Hi Brooke,

Thank you for all you do. I’ve been in SCS since August and have made many, many great changes in my life. I’m loving learning by drinking through a fire hose!

I’ve just returned to my day job after being on mat leave. I’ve been coaching myself like crazy and doing model, after model, after model, and it has made the transition SO much easier. Transitioning my son to his Nanny went so much better than I could have ever dreamed.

My question is around your phrase “plan on it”. I’ve heard you use it a few times, in different situations and I intellectually know what it means, but how do you put this into action?

For example, going back to work has drudged up a lot of negative emotion I had forgotten all about while in my baby bubble. I am engaged in my own personal daily model-a-thon (!) but I’m chipping away at years of thoughts that aren’t very helpful, so it’s taking some time. To say the least. Ha.

I know I can plan on this – being in that environment brings up a lot of emotion. And I can keep doing models – is that what you mean by plan on it? Do thought downloads and models?

I know it’s such a gift – this job and all the thoughts – and an opportunity to work through it all – but – woah. I’m just so amazed how quickly I’m sucked in by it all. It’s like it’s in the air I breathe there! And yes, I know that’s a thought too. Sigh.