plan to eat? or plan to not eat and still possibly eat?

goal: i want to eat a vegan+gluten free diet.

i’m going out of town to be with extended family this weekend and i want to approach it mindfully. it’ll be challenging for me to eat the diet i want to since i’ll be in someone else’s home with food prepared by them..*note: difficult, not impossible–because i guarantee if there was a bomb attached to me that would blow up if i ate off protocol, i would not eat off protocol lol.
since seeing the stop overeating videos–amazing btw– my journey has been better, but still up and down. however, i’ve chosen to overeat the past 4 days so i’ve been watching brooke’s stop overdrinking videos to dive deeper into why i’m overeating.

i understand the concept of a drink plan but get caught up in just wanting to shoot for the goal, even though i keep missing it. is it better to plan for the future based on past behavioral patterns (overeating in social situations with yummy food) by using an “eat” plan, or is it better to plan for the ideal situation and shoot for it (vegan+gluten free all the way and have an urge-a-thon), even if i might miss? and if the former is the way to go, how would an “eat” plan work in a situation where i don’t know exactly what kinds of food there will be? could it be just eating until you’re at about a 4 on the hunger scale?

i feel like my prefrontal cortex is saying GO. FOR. IT. and my animal brain is saying GIRL, you done overate on your eat plan before, you gon’ do it again..don’t play yourself, plan to eat. am i crazy? or could it be that reeally, it’s my prefrontal cortex saying, use me to plan to eat so we can create new neural pathways! and my animal brain that’s saying, GO FOR IT because you’re gonna miss and i’ll get to strengthen old neural pathways that serve me me meeee, muuaaahahahaha.

xo, just a hopeful vegan