Planning a birthday party

Hi Brooke, our son is turning 6. We are new in this area and don’t yet have close friends. He is very excited to have a party and most kids locally invite the entire class, around 30 kids. I am not a confident host and feel nervous about hosting a big party for people I don’t know well. At the same time I feel so much love for our son and want him to feel love and belonging. Money is a bit tight and I’ve tried to think of every alternative (picnic at the park? What if it rains? and so on).
I’m so frustrated with myself with all the energy I’ve invested – I know this is not an important problem but I cannot figure out a way to solve it and I keep researching and worrying. I’m trying the thought “it may not go well and that’s ok” but I’m still scared and stuck. I see that the benefit of being stuck is that I still the option not to have a party, but this feels cowardly. Could you help me move forward?