Planning with Contingencies

It’s my first month in Scholars and I’m so excited to learn Brooke’s productivity methods. Just what I need to make a leap forwards!

Here’s my question. My September goal involves a couple of “if this doesn’t work, switch to that” contingencies. For instance, if the software available to me now can’t handle the task, find new software. If the studio can’t take me at this time, plan another time. There’s an element of testing and waiting in these parts of the work.

These two factors are central to completing the goal, though there are other things I can do on my own and I’m doing them now. Filling out my calendar, I couldn’t figure out how to schedule for contingencies and that made the whole process less sure and foreseeable to me.

(Side note: I also discovered a heap of feelings about waiting on/for other people and factors; I much prefer to be solely in charge of what I get done because I trust myself most when it’s just up to me – but I recognize that my next steps forwards involve help and support. There’s some old thoughts to clear up here.)

Thank you so much for your clarity and help!