Pleasure From Food

Lately I have been eating off protocol a LOT. I did really well the first 2 weeks with making my food really boring and feeling my feelings and getting pleasure from other sources besides food. But lately I find myself indulging in really yummy foods that are still on protocol, like Brie cheese, which I love. I eat it in the amount I write down the night before, but it’s so pleasurable that I sneak a little more and a little more, and then my brain is overdesiring more pleasure from food and I end up binging as the evening progresses. So I know that flour and sugar lead to overdesire of food, but could even eating other foods that I find really pleasurable lead to that? If I deny myself pleasure from all food, not just things with flour and sugar in it, and make my meals really boring again, purely for food, will the overdesire lessen? Is it OK to have a protocol that includes pleasurable, non sugar/flour foods, or will that just send me in a spiral of overdesire? Will I eventually find some pleasure in my “boring” food as my body and palate adjusts? Or should my pleasure in food come from my 24 hour planned exceptions only? I mean, will it put me off track to find a nice salad with protein pleasurable?