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Hi Brooke,
I was listening to the podcast on being good enough. One of the questions was, “If our actions ultimately come from our beliefs, and we are taught our whole lives to believe something, how would acting from that belief make us less worth or more worthy? Maybe consider a terrorist who believes in certain religious ideas as an example.”

-I do fully, 100% believe that we DO act, and can only know (at least initially and as a child), how to act in our lives in accordance w/ our beliefs (which stem initially growing up from what we were taught to believe as we accept what we are taught as truth). In that sense, I do agree that our actions coming from those beliefs, no matter how different, don’t affect worthiness. However, I am struggling with also understanding where personal responsibility comes into play with eventually as adults starting to question what we have always been taught to believe, or WHY, for some of us we DO eventually question our thoughts/beliefs, verses other people not (all of us here in scholars for example likely had inklings that what we believe may not be “true”)? And if we start to then QUESTION our thoughts/beliefs as adults, can that not make us grow into BETTER, more loving, more kind, vs good-enough humans?

-I think I am struggling with the concept of good enough without being able to become “better” as I feel like there is so much self-growth that we can all do to help us become “better” in our lives and as a human?

Thank you!!