Politics added to coaching

Politics has just been added to coaching and I am uncomfortable with this. Brooke’s comments yesterday about privileged white women is in its self was a “reversed” racist comment. I am on guard now where this will lead The Life Coach School. Racism doesn’t only show up in white judging black but also black judging white and I believe that is what just happened. Slight of hand. She was kicked when she was down and like the cops were asked to kneel.

My question is this: How do I respond to this decision? I feel now on guard and not in a safe place. I feel I now have to watch for opinions and judgments on what I say because of this introduction of the social justice agenda.

So this is my new circumstance I suppose. Thoughts on it need to be worked on. Feelings are pissed. Why? My thought that politics could be left out of coaching for now. Can’t control people’s choice. Work on my stuff.