Positive People

Hi Brooke!
I have a question regarding positive people. How is it that if our brain is naturally inclined to be negative and look for danger that there are some people who are naturally positive? Does it mean that maybe these people were raised to have a brighter outlook on life, or that their personally is just more sunny? I guess I’m really noticing the shift in my brain in becoming more positive with each passing day. I’m currently working on my money mindset and although I’ve gone through your money program, it’s like my primitive brain has really taken over and won’t allow me to believe I will ever make money let alone get out of some major debt. I’ve tried some bridge thoughts about learning that I can make money but it’s like I can’t move forward from there and actually do the work. What’s going on here and how can I get my brain to work for me and get out of this terrible thought loop of always being broke?
Thanks so much