Post Surgery Comfort – Posting Again

I have posted my question already twice and haven’t been answered. Here it is one more time. Gratitude for your time:

I have gone through a surgery a week ago and have been bound to stay at home during the past week with limited movement.
My doctor instructed me that this may not be the time to do IF and that in order to build back tissues and heal the incisions, I should have three meals with good source of veggies, protein and super-foods like berries that are antioxidants.

Eating now breakfast after almost a year that I haven’t, I also see how my brain circles back to wanting other comfort foods that aren’t necessarily healing but that resonate with my brain that they used to comfort me in the past in other situations. Flour and Sugar based foods, to be exact.
And so yesterday I have ordered a takeout of some pastries as well as today. I can see a build-up of hunger and anticipation and does not want to go down that road again after living on protocol for a year and benefited from it so greatly.

I feel I should know better and that I should know that flour and sugar don’t do me good. Yet my sneaky brain keeps seeking for that comfort for poor me sitting at home in pain after surgery.

Would you shed some light on what’s going on here?