Post Surgery Thoughts

Saturday night I started experiencing symptoms that looked like food poisoning. Carrying excruciating pain for 24 hours, I was lucky enough to ultimately go to the ER and was diagnosed with an inflamed and perforated appendix, which was removed in an emergency operation.
I am very well aware that I was literally saved from death, and still my brain, while thankful for that, keeps bringing up all the obstacles I will face now:

– You did not take antibiotics for eight years. With the antibiotics they gave you now, you’ve got no good bacteria left in you and will suffer.
– You will be scared in your stomach.
– You will probably live less now without appendix.
– Forget about keep losing weight now after this surgery.
– You won’t be able to stick to protocol after this surgery.
– You will gain weight.

When I go to Google, I can always find articles that confirm the thoughts above and it makes my post surgery healing days very difficult, while I also struggle with the physical pain of recovery.

I cannot even take time to think of dare of the day in this condition. What should I do?