Potty training

The past few days have been a bit rough on the potty training front. Just modeling some of my thoughts on it and wanted to share my models for feedback/suggestions.

C: potty training my son, day # 1

T: This is so hard, and boring. I’d rather be doing anything else.

F: Frustrated

A: Buffer w overeating, napping when not tired

R: I don’t do the day that I planned, I flake out on myself.

C: henry hasn’t gone potty once on the potty. Lots of accidents

T: This is taking forever. I don’t know if he’s not ready or I should just suck it up.

F: I feel like a failure

A: I overeat, tune out w facebook, disconnect w henry bc I’m frustrated with myself

R: Henry doesn’t get the best of me and I don’t enjoy the process

Intentional model:

C: Potty training Henry

T: I’m doing the best that I can

F: Patience w/ myself and Henry

A: I start enjoying this milestone even just a little

R: Henry and I enjoy the process and more w/out being in a rush for it to be over.