Powerful realization [B]

Hi Brooke,
No question, just wanted to share my realization with you and others 🙂
This is my second month in scholars. I am doing my homework (almost everyday for october) and did almost all days in september.
My thought until this morning was – September work was so useful. I got so much accomplished and it changed the way I function daily. It was amazing. However, I dont see much value (in the sense, I don’t see immediate effect on my life) with october work. But I’ll stick to what my coach wants me to do. I’ll do my homework everyday.

I realized this was the model i was operating on
C: october homework
T: This month isnt as powerful as the last month
F: doubt
A: Spend less and less time everyday doing homework (doing it hurriedly before work)
R:I am making sure this month won’t be powerful

But this morning, I actually took time to do my homework in a relaxed manner (this wasn’t planned, It started with a thought – ill do a big thought download today haha) – spent 30-40 mins and Bam! I realized I was running the above model for the last 16 days!! 😮 I also uncovered so many thoughts that I was thinking for a few days but never (or didnt want to for some reason or because I was doing the work hurriedly) wrote that in my previous thought downloads.
I realized the actions i was unconsciously taking (which arent serving me).
I have decided to spend more time and do my homework in a relaxed way just like today. October is indeed as powerful as September 🙂
Thanks for hearing me out.