Practical questions about Stop Overeating Protocol

You say we can have 8 oz of milk and condiments. Both have sugar. Especially the milk, but that’s okay?

Is Stevia/Truvia considered to be an “artificial” sweetener and acceptable to use? Or is it more like sugar and should be avoided?

I know natural is better, but during the beginning transition phase, is it okay to use sugar free non-dairy creamers (i.e., Hazelnut) in coffee or should I be trying to break away from these heavy sweet tastes? Do they just cause more of a struggle with desiring sweet things?

What do you use for salad dressings?

Do flavored teas, like caramel apple, have hidden sugars? Like above, with the flavored sweeteners, should I be trying to move away from heavy sweet tastes in my diet?

Thank you!