Practicing the model

I’m working on breaking down my thoughts and creating models. Can you please help me figure out the missing pieces? I’m doing 6 models on one circumstance.
I question and doubt a lot of my action and I am working to figure out the thoughts I am having regarding circumstances and feelings and results they cause.
I feel a senses of shame because Im worries that I will be that the coach will “think I’m weird” because I think this question is so stupid and beyond pathetic have so many thought about a simple circumstance that is so clearly insignificant.

C- I am writing with a pen. (The pen I was writing with was a supposed to be a gift for a client with a custom message, before I gave it to her, I found out that the message didn’t resonate with her, so kept the pen set for myself)

T1- Why am I writing with this pen?
T2- Is this pen a pen I like?
T3-Why did I buy this pen?
T4- Its so stupid that I bought this pen.
T5- My client must think I am so stupid.
T6-I don’t like the feel of the diameter of this pen
T7- Writing with this pen is so uncomfortable (my preferred pen is a simple Bic pen)

F1- Doubt
F2- Insecure
F3- Bad
F4- Bad
F5- Bad
F6- annoyed
F7- I didnt know what I felt, maybe discomfort?

A1- still using the pen
A2- still using the pen
A3- still using the pen
A4- still using the pen
A5- still using the pen
A6- still using the pen
A7- Get a new pen to write with

Results: whats the difference between an action and a result. can you look over my results and make corrections? I’m not sure how to do this section.
R1-I continue to feel bad
R2- I continue to feel insecure
R3- Continue to feel Bad
R4- Continue to feel Bad, (I then doubt my gift giving skills, even though I get a lot of very positive feedback on gifts I give, and obviously I am good at giving gift because when I learned that the message on the pen didn’t resonate with her I didn’t give her that gift!)
R5- I don’t like the client, (I never preferred her personality anyway)
R6- Doubt if my thought is true or not.
R7- Not really sure, which is why I am asking this question ( while I am writing this I question why I need to write the second part of that sentence: which is why I am asking this question)

I love my life and yet I don’t love the part thatI am so analytical. I want to have a more simple thought process with out so much clutter and junk.

Thank you for taking the time to review my model.
Also is this kind of work able to be worked on in the 20 minute coaching session or is this something that needs more time like the 45 minute sessions?


A grateful scholar