Pre-trip routine

My husband is taking our daughter to Italy to “drop” her off with a school trip. I willingly suggested that he should take her, because I’ve been able to go to Europe twice already in my life and he hasn’t. They are leaving tomorrow.

He went golfing all morning, then went with my son to pick up my vehicle from his work. He had to borrow it because his car was in the shop, and then once he picked it up both cars were on the other side of the island. But instead of coming home, he went to the boat to spend the afternoon working on it.

I can only figure out the first part of a model. Also, trying to figure out how a model actually helps me to feel better.

C- Husband spends day before trip at golf, haircut, and working on the boat
T- If he cared about me, he would want to spend the day with me
F- Neglected and unimportant, stupid for spending the day waiting for him to come home so we can do something
A- Work on his laundry for the trip, clean the house, futz around because I don’t actually know he’s going to be gone all day and I’m waiting for him to come home
R- Feel like shit