Program for biz

Hey Brooke,

Liz here (going to meet you in feb for the masterclass , need to make $2,000 by then and quit job).

LOL, I feel the need to remind you who I am.


I wanted to run my 6 week program by you.

So I’ve thought a lot about what type of program I wanted to create.

I recently surveyed a few women and have been reading through weight loss fb group comments and all the same things come up.

There over eating – either due to stress/boredom or reasons they can’t even understand – and they feel it’s because they lack motivation or willpower.

I know for sure that it’s because of the food they have on their plates, they aren’t listening to their hunger cues and they don’t know how to deal with their emotions.

So I wanted to package this up into a 6 week program that lays out a foundation that’s sets them up to overcoming their overeating habits. A program with tools that they can also revisit when they’re in a place of “why am I Overeating?”.

This 6 week program is just an entry way that can be expanded on in a further more expensive 1:1 program.

They can get a feel for my coaching style.

They can still gain momentum.

This can help me get the coaching practice I need.

Overcome Overeating 101:

Week 1- Eat 3-4 meals a day with no snacking
Week 2 – Eat whole/filling foods
Week 3 – Portion Control
Week 4 – Eating only when hungry
Week 5 – Stop eating at Satisfied
Week 6 – Mindset tools for weight loss success

It’s broken down to where it’s still manageable and my busy ladies can get it done.

For those who continue on their own, it’s still enough info that they can take with them and succeed.

Also enough to where those who want more success would want to dive in deeper.

Now I just have to work out the price for this.

I’m not very confident with it yet.

I want to provide a lot of value in each lesson. With easy to understand and implement action steps. But not so much that they feel like it’s impossible to accomplish.

How does that all sound?
Any feedback?