Program question

Hey Brooke,

Liz here, I’ve been doing lots of work on myself and today I kept reminding myself that I just need to take the next step.

And started playing with the question “what would my future self do?”

Sometimes I also ask “what would Brooke do?” Haha

Anyway, I have more belief today that I can make that $2,000 by feb. I just have to keep showing up each day.

So question: I’m working on a 6 week healthy eating program.

If I wanted to do some type of thought work with them, that would typically happen during our 1:1 phone calls ?

Since I’m not officially doing any mindset work, I understand throughout the 6 weeks a lot of things will come up.

So then the homework would be to do the healthy eating assignment for that week but we dive into the thought work as we are talking 1:1?

Would that be a way to incorporating thought work into a mainly nutrition program?