Progress, and working on declutter and organization past October.

“I don’t have time for this month’s work. I have business travel. I’m a single mom. It’s to much to tackle.”

Then I just did it. I trusted the process and my capability. As a result:

I’ve got kitchen cupboards with *extra space* and boxes of donations for the victims of the wine country fires. My kitchen countertops are BARE except for a fruit bowl.

I got rid of an entire long sofa and two tall bookcases in my living room that I retained from a previous home, and it’s the strangest thing: I walk into my living room which has so much more space and I actually *breathe* easier.

I got rid of a full HALF of my child’s toys. Took her to Goodwill with me so she could understand that they’d be going other homes to make other kids so happy.

And I’m not done. There’s so much here that isn’t really needed/ wanted/ makes me happy. I will have to continue this work past October.

I am amazed. So: thank you.