Protocol and Injured Foot

I had just recommitted to no sugar no flour and protocol for myself, not doing it perfectly but making progress and doing better at my thought work. Then I break my foot. And the excuses start coming in why I should just eat convient food right now because making my salad and meat is too hard with a broken foot and I need to rest. I don’t like how I feel when I eat sugar and flour and I don’t like ruining this relationship I’m trying to build with myself. My question is on my model I have a hard time finding what the result of my actions are and I’m unsure if I’m using the right feeling to describe what’s happening.
Here is my model

C: protocol with injured foot
T: making a salad is too hard right now because I need to rest my foot, I’ll eat what’s convenient
F: justified
A: eat pizza, bread, pancakes, cookies and cereal
R: I feel gross and am upset at myself and don’t want to do my thought work, I want to hide

C: same
T: what if I kept my promise to myself to eat on protocol no matter what? Eating on protocol with a broken foot is totally possible
F: excited
A: order a salad, or make a simple salad with canned tuna
R: I eat on protocol with an injured foot, I keep my promise to myself

Is justified an emotion? Did some research but couldn’t find much. Can’t think of how else to describe it.

Thanks for any insights!