I’ve been working on my purpose statement. Although I love the feelings it ignites in me, energized and motivated, there is still a sense of resistance (F). As I’ve been sitting with my statement, I believe the weight is stemming from how it is articulated. For instance, Brooke’s purpose of “being an example of what’s possible” doesn’t leave any room for dependence on outcomes or other people. My purpose of “creating an exceptional and quality experience” does. My statement makes me think (T) the indicator of how exceptional is dependent on engagement, and of course quality is subjective (which again depends on people). It might be weird, but I really feel like the purpose model is the mother of all models and running all the time in the background because it’s the “WHY” behind anything I pursue. My statement is very strong and has the ability to center me throughout my day, but my results are sluggish because my actions are sluggish. If I can eliminate the ‘weight’ in the statement, then I feel it would have the capacity to pack a powerful punch in my action planning. I’m trying to articulate a purpose statement that thrives, not just survives. Curious to hear your thoughts.