Purpose + Picking one area to focus on and express my purpose

I’m in month 11, about to hit Diamond. I’m familiar with this work and practice it regularly. Huge paradigm shifts over the past year, and the changes continue to come.

My purpose is: “To be an example of how to live with spacious love, make art and be abundantly financially independent.” Worked this out in a coaching session.

Question 1: It’s kind of three things. Am I putting too much into one purpose statement? They’re all meaningful and lead to one lifestyle.

More important, Question 2: Week 3 focus is to pick one area I want to focus on and express my purpose. I’m choosing a dollar amount I’d like to earn by a specific date and time. The amount that comes to mind is a push (I have no current idea how I’ll do it), will take creativity, effort and action, but is not impossible.

I could increase the number to one that’s less likely, but still not impossible – just harder to figure out how to manifest. There’s a little more anxiety or stress (result of my thoughts, I do know).

I don’t feel the urge to go impossible goal for this number. I already have my 2019 impossible goal which I’m heading for spectacular failure with (This is not a bad thing. I set it “impossible,” it’s absolutely changed my behaviors and choices all year and continues to, I’m still looking at massive actions to get there, and I made conscious choices I stand behind that slowed down how assertively I focused on it.) I’m not so down with two impossibles at the same time. I would like the opportunity to succeed as well as fail.