Putting things off

I have enrolled as a student in the Self-Coaching scholar program for a month now, and I actually have contemplated for a long time before deciding to enroll. However, one issue with me when I decide that I want to commit to something is that I ended up slacking off or putting off the work and commitment I suppose to put in. I have finished the self-coaching 101 book and now starting to read the how to coach yourself book, but I did not engage myself in any of the October materials (But I am determined to stay on track with the November materials). This problem (me putting things off) also happens in a lot of other areas, such as putting off to write a personal statement for a research project until the last day or putting off to write an application for a great internship position in Washington DC. I tried to do the model for my situation, but I am stuck because I don’t know what I am thinking, or precisely, I don’t know what thought it triggering my feelings or my action. All I know is that I keep putting things off that is going to provide me great opportunity to further understand and advance myself, and that I ended up having to do a bunch of things and writings that are not as good as it could have been if I have keep myself on track. Could you give me some advice on how to fill out the models if I don’t know what my thoughts are? (it sounds silly, but I feel like I have a bunch of thought that I couldn’t pinpoint and they are all triggering my action.)