Question about Decision Making

Hi Brooke,

I have been trying to reach you via the LIVE call but not able to. So I thought this is another best way of asking you my question. And I read somewhere that you answer everything. Will love your feedback and/or links to any material you have given that I can go through to clear up this in my mind.

So here is my question:
I want to make a decision about what I should do next. I know that whichever way I choose, I can make the best of it. But fear of change as well as unsurety grips me, I don’t have a real need for a change, and hence I remain stuck where I am.

I have a good job which I like, I am a kernel software engineer for 20 years, I chose this profession because I had a knack for it and was appreciated along the way. I think I also have good management skills but I have avoided getting in that role. One of the reason was being technical was considered more prestigious. But I have tried to organize events and I am good in lead roles. I also love teaching and guiding people. Since past 4 years, I have found a real passion in it. I have given talks at work, started writing blogs and mentoring people, interviewing people as part of my work – in order to find motivation tips for everyone (and me). I have started getting recognized for a lot of value I bring in organizing as well as leading motivational events at work. My dream is to build a life around motivation and building a positive mindset in a very huge visible way (I want to be a big Public figure). And form a platform to unblock people. So for now, I myself feel stuck.

I don’t know which way to take – 1) remain in my technical field, get a better paying job and a better environment; 2) get into a management role – I feel that I will be able to build a great team; 3) follow my passion – though I think I need to build it on the sidelines (with either 1 or 2).

I need to support my family and my visa status does not allow me to get into business for now. My husband says that I am stuck in a job, my skills will be much appreciated elsewhere and I should move to a better techincal job (and better paying). Though he likes my motivational work but it also averse to it sometimes and discourages me to do it full time. If I think of shifting, I worry that I will be spending my time and energy next six months on preparing for interviews, I would rather do it on learning all about coaching and building a life around it.

Please guide me !

Thank you Brooke,
Love you,