Question about drinking and purpose to be happy

Yes, I submitted that and then I watched the bonus box. I have a question. My main battle in my head has been that I drink too much. In making my purpose, “I want to be happy” the biggest obstacle I think in attaining this is that I think If I drink too much that is wrong, bad, anxiety ridden, hopeless, etc…After watching the videos from the bonus box I had myself questioning why I allow the the thoughts of drinking to mean its all bad. I am functioning. It is not affecting others. My fear is I will get sclerosis of the liver or cancer or age faster in looks or someday look back that something bad happened and it was because of drinking. But these are all just thoughts. I know this seems ridiculous but why have the thoughts of my drinking consumed my life and made myself miserable. I’m not saying this is the road for my to go down but are my thoughts about my bottle of wine a night consuming negativity in my life more than they need to. Is it just that I made up my mind that this is bad and therefore I have to change it. It’s like which came first the chicken or the egg. Am I miserable because I drink or am I miserable because I think I shouldn’t drink?