Question about hunger and goal weight

I am watching the Stop Overeating seminar for the 2nd time and I think I had a bit of an “ah ha” moment about hunger. I’m new and when I got my initial box and access to the site, I immediately watched SO, started intermittent fasting, cut my food down to very little with the thought being I’d eat my fat and deal with the river of misery. I’d done a protocol where I was really struggling with managing feelings of hunger and my weight wasn’t budging for many days. I wrote to you guys and felt very helpless, hungry and defeated. I’m actively training for a half marathon (for the love of it, NOT as a method of losing weight). In watching the video, and having been off of flour and sugar when I’d experienced the hunger, I would say that I would have MOST DEFINITELY been satisfied with a plain chicken breast. I eventually felt deflated (because of my own thoughts, which I am working on and doing a billion models on) and went off track – not writing a protocol the night before, some snacking, even some flour and sugar creeping back in. Because of this, I’d selected “eat no sugar and flour” as my 30 day goal. I started when I got the booklet and I’m on completing day 6 today (woot!). Whether my weight does or does not change, not having flour and sugar has a hugely positive impact on my well being, mental clarity, sleep, etc. so it’s worthwhile regardless to me.

In watching this SO again, I’m thinking that I’d like to create a protocol again as well. In terms of what was working, I was really noticing that eating 3 meals within an 8 hour window felt great and my cravings for sugar went down to basically zero very quickly. My question is: When I have no flour or sugar and a chicken breast would satisfy the cravings, should I listen to my body and have more food when I feel physical hunger? I guess I worry that if I’m supposed to lose weight, listening to physical hunger won’t facilitate that. Like, is my body sending hunger signals to keep me at the weight I’m already at? I know that I’m experiencing confusion and having done a ton of models now and listened to a billion podcasts, I know confusion bad and a way to avoid decisions or something. I’m also still unclear about a goal weight, as I lost 70 pounds that I’ve kept off all but 8 of now for 5 years and I don’t feel the same pain as I did then, though I don’t feel “done”. I think I could lose about 23 more and look amazing, but Brooke would probably say 33 more to be at the “holy shit that’s scary sounding” weight. I really prefer my goal, as I like myself fit and strong but not skinny. Again, confusion.

So I guess my questions are: Is it ok to increase my food for this protocol round and should I be concerned that my hunger is going to be pushing me to homeostasis and not weight loss (ie, if I’m not hungry, I’m doing it wrong…should this be hunger free?) and Is it ok to shoot for 23 pounds and if I’m not thrilled, go for more rather than the other way around and gaining weight back?

Thank you!