Question about Diabetes and Weight Loss

Brooke–I’ve been through your overeating class and have listened to all of your podcasts in regards to weight.

I’m a new life coach and an acquaintance has recently seen huge changes I’ve been making in my life and wondered if I could coach her around the issue of weight loss. I’ve lost 22.5 pounds so far by eliminating sugar and flour and working on my thoughts about myself.

Then she told me she has diabetes and takes insulin. Has been taking insulin for 3 or so years. That made me nervous. Do you work with clients that take insulin? I get the feeling this would really hamper the ability to lose weight somehow?

I’m not a DR, I’m a CPA turned life coach….so want to help people create their lives. But, wondering if I’m just letting fear get in the way of working with this client (she’d be my first!). Thanks so much for all you’ve given in the form of podcasts and this membership. I’ve changed a lot in my life by doing this type of work.