Question About Mental Block/Model

Running into a bit of a wall – and hoping to get some guidance. Here’s the Deal: I’m starting a new business – and have everything set up (blog, YouTube channel, FB FanPage, etc.). People in my niche all brand themselves – with vlogs, podcasts, regular Facebook live’s, webinars, etc. They’re VERY front-and-center. Personally, I love public speaking – but I’m finding myself buffering as I move into creating videos to post to my YouTube channel and blog. I did a model (below) and I think I get exactly why I’m stopping myself: I feel like I’m exposing myself (being vulnerable) and opening myself up to lots of judgment (which is something I’ve always struggled with). I’ve been reading Ninja Selling (I saw the recommendation below in “Ask Brooke” and bought it immediately) and I printed out this quote from it: “When you are in your head, you are not in the game. You are disconnected. Start focusing on your customers, and your fears will go away. Get into love and out of fear. Start asking yourself, how can I make someone’s life better? How can I make them feel good? How can I help them solve a problem? Focus on them and your fear will go away.”

So I did a new model with that “thought/concept” in mind – and it works… on paper. I know I need to practice that thought – but so far, it’s still a wall. The moment I try to even write down ideas for a video, I feel the call of food, Facebook, etc. Any thoughts on this particular situation? Is my new thought strong enough? Do I need more new thoughts (overwhelm the old thought with LOTS of better thoughts)? Or does it simply need practice to sink in? Or all of the above? Thanks!

C: I sit down to write video ideas
T: I’m about to expose myself to the world – which will lead to lots of judgment
F: Anxiety, nervousness, fear
A: Distract myself by eating, checking Facebook, new sites, and cycle back through
R: Nothing Gets Done

C: I sit down to write video ideas
T: I’m excited to create lots of valuable content that will help people change their lives!
F: Excited, Focused
A: I come up with LOTS of video ideas and start recording
R: Lots of videos, lots of new prospects, and growing business