questions about this month’s work

Hi! A few questions on the work, both in general and specific to this month.

When asked to do a “brief download” — is this like morning pages? When I try to just write thoughts, it feels a bit less free than when I’ve down stream of consciousness writing in the past (in which thoughts inevitably appear, but perhaps not every sentence). What do you suggest?

Also, should we always put our purpose sentence in the C line while doing models this month? I’ve been playing with both circumstances as they relate to the purpose, and also just the purpose sentence as the circumstance.

Lastly, our purpose sentence should be specific to our being, and not to an industry, right? As said in the booklet — something that can be done anywhere and with any job? Why is this? Is this to keep the purpose being-specific, as opposed to achievement oriented? Here is the purpose I am playing with — open to your feedback! “To be an embodiment of consciousness and creativity”.

Thank you!