Questions about “the sentence you want to believe”

Dear Brooke,

Help, I’ve been doing my homework consistently through March…. our family is moving house/city/continent and my new sentence is “I’ve created a fabulous new life in XXXX, exceeding my wildest expectations”.

Most days my brain comes up with a lot of varied conflicting sentences but I’ve been using a Byron Katie approach to answer them. This has helped me work super determinedly at making this move good. Being determined to make this move fabulous means I’m setting standards high – I want to find us a good place to live, a lovely home, great schools etc. – but so far I’ve had little success.

Now the insistent thoughts I’m getting are around “This is a mistake. We are better where we are. I should not make this move. It feels wrong”. I can counter them — but I’m starting to think – what if they’re in fact the thoughts I should be listening to? Now that I’ve done so much research perhaps I should be willing to change my mind on this?

Now that we are at the end of March how can I move forward if the sentence I want to believe is still generating serious amount of skepticism/conflicting thoughts – do I need to rewrite it, keep going with the daily exercises – or something else??

Thank you so much!!