Real vs. Ideal

I started with the program about 3 weeks ago and am now realizing that my thought/emotional habits and routines that I have developed through the years are deeply ingrained and stubborn. But, I am working with a model now and I hope to get to the heart of my unmotivated behavior.

Intentional Model –
C – My life is a creation of my thoughts.
T – I now choose to create my new future, on purpose.
F – Determined.
A – I Start my day with a positive actions plan, I make my to do lists and schedule their actions, I identify non-productive thinking and change it, I stop buffering,
I clean up my space, I create productive routines, I make time for what’s important, I start making money in business and I quit my job. Actual list could go on and on!
R – My days are busy and satisfying, I actually accomplish my long-term goals, I am able to travel and have a satisfying retirement.

Unintentional Model –
C – My life is a creation of my thoughts.
T – I believe the truth of it, I just don’t see how to apply the principles in my life.
F – disgust
A – No motivation, no growth, no action.
R – No changes

The difference between the two models is almost diametrically apposed. Where do I start? What are some good questions to ask? How can I apply the ladder to this situation?