Hey Brooke,

I posted yesterday about my confusion and scarcity mindset regarding starting my business.

I’ve realized today that not only am I causing all this confusion myself, but that I was looking for something external (like a business coach) to bring me success and confidence in my business. (Even then I didn’t full believe they would be able to help me…so funny)

I’ve been so “busy” worrying about that Instead of realizing that it’s up to ME, to generate those feelings and results. I have no belief in myself which is something I need to work through.

So you said, have a plan and follow the plan.

I’ve had many “plans” but I always change course before fully going through with the plan. Or get hung up on doing more learning or research.

So I have to just stick with something long enough to call it a success or an opportunity to improve?

When do I know if i should get a coach or a course to help me out?