Relationship coaching follow up

Okay. Removing the painful. 🙂 Thank you so much for that coaching. The situation as described by the coach on the podcast was very distorted and parts were flatly false (as confirmed by a friend who was there). But there was that portion of truth there that I was resisting and judging which was causing me pain. I really like your coaching of just owning that truth. Wow! So freeing. I acted co-dependent and weird in that particular environment/situation and then I removed myself. Period. End of story for me.

Intentional model
C: Coach says words about situation with me on podcast
T: I can take care of myself in this situation, and always, by staying in my own head and my own business
F: Safe
A: Do my own self coaching, take amazing care of myself, surround myself with people I admire and trust
R: She is she and I am I

This is the model that feels best to me right now. Maybe if I want to put in more work around it I can get to the “wishing her well” and seeing her as perfect parts. But neutral is good right now. 🙂

Thanks! That coaching provided huge relief for me.