Relationship Homework Questions (ref: group kids together? relationship with me work? )

Hiya Brooke and Team-Love the relationship information so far!! Very much reminds me of Byron Katie and Cheri Huber. Love, love. Two questions:

1-Should I group my kiddos together? I have three (ages 19,18 and 14) but only live with the two youngest right now. They are the most important peeps in my life so they deserve their own time…and there are a lot of relationships I want to work on.

2-I just signed up yesterday and was planning to work the “How to Feel Better,” packet on my own because ..I need to feel better. I know that’s intricately linked to my relationship with myself. So, I was wondering if I should make the first week about my relationship with me? A couple of other options I came up with… 1-combine HtoFBetter work with relationship with self in week #1 2-just do HtoFBetter another time and start with relationship with myself or 3-Do HtoFBetter and keep relationship work focused on other peeps.

Hope that’s not too confusing! THANK YOU!! 🙂