Hi, I am starting to want to honor my body and have noticed when certain supplements and/or food make my stomach feel upset. I am happy to notice these things but I am so feeling sad that in order to make progress I am going to have to make changes. My primitive brain is throwing a fit. I am hoping you could look at my models and help me take this a few steps deeper

C Digestive upset after eating protein bars/supplements
T Shit, I know this is not working for me
F Frustrated
A Judge my body for not tolerating it, tell myself that the disgestive upset it ok, burp a lot, back is uncomfortable, difficulty breathing, disengage from my body
R I don’t support my body in order for it to work for me

Where I would like to be
C Digestive upset after protein bar/supplements
T This is a great opportunity to honor my body
F Excited/Proud
A Thank my body for talking to me, decide that my body’s long term health is more important then eating any type of certain food, hydrate my body, be proud, make better choices later in the day
R I take the chance to reinforce the love for my body and acceptance

Can you help me go deeper why the resistance when I really like my intentional model?