relationship with hunger and fear

Hi. I am willing to start planning my food the day before. My go-to meals in these periods are much more rice and potatoes. I started seeing myself being attached to these foods so that I am fearing to be flexible and alternate days in which I slow down carbs. So yesterday I decided to plan for today’s food and I decided that today I would have a day with higher fats, protein and vegetables, and that I was willing to eat less than usual. As I am introducing some new foods and quantities the model that was running in my mind was
C: plan
T: I will not plan enough food and I will end up feeling hungry all day
F: fear
A: I see two actions coming out of these, either 1) hyper-allocate food to avoid the risk of feeling depleted, either 2) spin in fearful thoughts about anticipating the next day’s depletion
R: in case 1) preventing that a new relationship with hunger and fear is developed ; case 2) poor sleep, waking up tired, thus reinforcing the belief that planning to have food restricted create undesirable consequences
My goal was to define food restriction from a place of love. This time it didn’t work out as expected. Suggestions to things to try next time? Thanks