I was asked in my last coaching to do a manual on what I have for my body and when I wrote it down I noticed how unfair it was. Here are some of the highlights.
-I should be able to overeat and lose weight simply because I exercise
-I should never get sick
-I should stay young even though I am aging
-I should never look ugly, tired, or old, or fat
-I should be prettier then every other woman out there (that one surprised me ha!)

If I do not look pretty or do not lose weight or I am sick because I am not eating the right foods, it’s my body’s fault and it’s broken. Can you help me unpack this? I know this is pretty heavy and I am planning on bringing this to my next 20 minute session but should I do a model on all of those thoughts? The one that stood out to me the most was that I blame my body or think it’s broken for how I look and how I feel.