reply 4 on "i’m getting better at this""

So I just got coached and she told me whenever I feel the lack of emotion meaning I feel nutural towards my bf I just tell myself
I feel neutral at the moment and that’s okay.

When my bf and I had our crisis meaning I try to change him because he was to shy etc.
I did that so I can change my thoughts so I can feel better about him.
Now he changed. He’s amazing.
But of course my thought error still remained and i sometimes feel neutral towards him.
The reason why I resist it is because I’m scared that it will remain forever.
That I will feel so neutral and that feels to disconnected because he doesn’t feel special to me.

AND what makes my cry is this story that I will feel this forever and how that plays in my head.
So what I need help with is to handle my fear meaning how I see this story.

It really helped a lot to get coached.
And I really can feel that once I process the emotion it will not come as often. I just can feel it.
But because there is still the fear of the worst scenario happening meaning it will stay forever and it will be awful. I of course have to work on my fear around that.

And I would really like your help with this! 🙂

Until I don’t make it sound like a better story I will always fear it and not able to feel it.

Thanks so much guys ! 🙂