Reply envy and happiness

Thank u very much for replying.
It helped me a lot.
But what if ones intention are real or in this case lets say she is really happy. And its her truth. She feels happy and content. Doesn’t that make it real and reality? I mean when i choose to believe that she hasn’t it all together even when she truly has. Doesn’t that mean i think against the reality? Or what is the reality? I can’t just make up things. For example what if someone is really mean to me and his intention were to hurt me but i would think otherwise. I would think that he is nice or i would think he doesn’t really mean it or make up excuses. Altough his intention are that he wants to hurt me? You see what i mean?

And concerning my thoughts
I think that im really jealous because i don’t have happy thoughts about me relationship all the time like she does. And i do have some bad thoughts that cause me sadness and anxiety. I also want to be in love and think the world of my boyfriend all the time. These doubtful thoughts make me sad and anxious.

How do i change that?