reply on good moment

wow, that was powerful!! thank you.
it give me so much power!

so today i let it be there. i noticed that the challenge is that i feel it with my whole body. the thought i have that must be something like he’s not enough or something like that. and i feel it with my whole body. and it feels like the truth.

and i also now this came from our previous relationship problems meaning when i found him shy and not attractive I developed this thinking pattern that he’s not enough because i don’t feel attracted to him. Then he changed and i still found him not that attracted and because of that i still had that he’s not enough thoughts in my head.
then of course i trained my brain to find him amazing. which worked out perfecty! i really do think he’s amazing. But the other sentence he’s not enough still is there because i never faced it. i tried to soon to change it. and now it comes up. not so often but when it does it feels so true that i try to hide it.

so do you have any suggestions on how to not believe that thought even if the whole body tells you that you feel its the truth? i think i need to learn this and than i can let it flow by AND than i can change it.
I truly now i don’t want to keep that thought. but it seems so true and it’s really hard to me for not believing it.

thanks so much for your help!!