replying to earlier question on order of things to work on to focus on taking massive action (powerful model)

hello, I read through your answer to my earlier question on the sequence of things to focus on. You talked me through how to start with the result to create a powerful model. Here’s my go at it for my supply chain consulting business. Can you suggest any tweaks?

C My business
T I’ve got lots to offer that is worth charging for.
F Confidence
A 1. create 12 month content calendar (will help me with 1 topic to focus on each month)
2. write blogs, and create opt-ins and tools to post weekly.
3. switch to convertkit + love it + learn it
4. write and send weekly emails.
5. plan the client funnel
6. create 1st offer – small tripwire and offer it
7. use social media ads to promote freebie with tripwire attached.
8. create 2nd offer – higher price point – and offer it
R. Offer and deliver enough value to enough people to create revenues of $60,000 a year in 12 months.