RESENTMENT – Indulgent?

I just noticed (after listening to this week’s podcast) that I have a lot of under cover, hidden resentment. Is resentment “indulgent”? Say more about the difference between indulgent and allowing b/c it’s good information. I think resentment actually is from a victim stance. It’s another form of blame. It’s like a simmering, internal blaming. Give me someone to talk to and I’m sure it will come out of my mouth as blame. Is resentment indulgent?
What’s my thought? They are making my life uncomfortable.
Sounds victim to me.
What can I change my thought to? I am making my life uncomfortable.
I think there’s an underlying – “I don’t want to.” whiny young voice.
I’m uncomfortable b/c I have to be an adult in this situation.
I’m an adult.
I choose to be an adult in this situation. What would an adult do?
Just do the adult thing and move on.