Resistance to goal setting

I was listening to Brook teaching on the process to setting goals and achieving them.

She was mentioning that it is a tremendous opportunity for us to come up with our limiting beliefs, as setting goals is usually bringing up a lot of resistance.

Watching the video, I felt a huge resistance coming up, indeed. I thought I was not able to set a goal for myself and did not know how to and where to start. I did not even go to the point where I tried to unfold the obstacles to reach the goal…

It seemed so hard, overwhelming…my breath became short and I kind of felt the urge to sleep…which was obviously a way to buffer although I felt really sleepy.

This session was a hard one for me, I felt super bad and did a model that did not help me much:

C: listening to Brook explanations on setting goals
T: I am never going to be able to make it – this whole process is too cumbersome for me
F: overwhelmed
A: wanting to sleep, resisting my emotions, not taking any action like setting a goal or planning
R: feeling stuck feeling I am actually not able to make it

I want to get out of this loop which is not helping me, but I do not know how to process the overwhelm emotion that is still there.

How could I do that? I thought “This is overvhelm” and accepted to feel it although it was hard to let is be there as my head was spinning so much.

Which next step could I take? I am feeling so bad since yesterday !